Nilesh Tailor and Tryon, North Carolina

January 13, 2016
Nilesh Tailor has not been to every town in North Carolina, but it sometimes seems like it. He works in North Carolina as an IT professional and is able to take time to travel around the state and visit its unique and interesting locations. This includes the little town of Tryon, North Carolina in Polk County.

Most people think of wine country as being on the West Coast, in California or maybe Oregon. However, there is wine country in North Carolina, too. There are three local wineries in Tryon, North Carolina, as well as dozens of different vineyards spread out all over the area. With just under 1,700 people actually living there, the actual town is only 1.7 square miles long. It started off as a mere post office in 1839 and only grew once the railroad going to Asheville passed through the area.
Nilesh Tailor is a Quality Assurance Testing professional who lives and works in North Carolina. He hopes to be able to visit some of the most interesting and odd locations in North Carolina.